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There’s Nothing More Precious Than a Baby Kitty

Okay, maybe human babies are more precious, but in my book, baby kitties are a close second!

This is Champ.  He is one of a litter of five born to a feral momma cat in my good friend Brandi’s neighborhood in Richland Hills, Texas.  Brandi and I have been keeping an eye on the litter so that we can take them to a shelter to be socialized (become un-feral before it’s too late) and get adopted once they are old enough to be removed from their momma.  Last Friday, when we checked on the litter, everyone looked good and healthy except for this guy.  His eyes were sealed shut with gunk and, when I picked him up, I could feel all his little ribs and his spine.  His breathing was rattly and he wasn’t interacting with the other kitties. 

I took him to the vet where he got an exam, a little bath, a de-worming, a B-12 shot and some antibiotics.  When they weighed him, he came out to a whopping 7 ounces!  They said that he was malnurished and dehydrated.  To have a chance at survival, he would need to get his weight up and get some hydration.  They sent us home with some antioxidant food, an immune booster supplement and some Neosporin-like stuff for his eye.  I’ve been feeding him the antioxidant food mixed with pedialyte every 4 to 6 hours and cleaning up kitty messes multiple times every day and night.  There is a constant cycle of Champ’s towels in the laundry!

Five days later… We have an active and energetic little boy with a mighty appetite and big, clear blue eyes!!!  We are working on the concept of the litter box, sometimes with luck, but most of the time with lots of messes.  My fingers are crossed that we can get him back to good, full health so we can find him a loving home to be adopted into.  Know anyone that might be interested in becoming a kitty parent?  Send them my way!!!  And keep coming back here for more updates along Champ’s journey back to health!


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