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Big Words

This Google Chat conversation requires no introduction (except to point out that the rules or grammar and correct spelling do not apply in chat world), but it does need to be shared:

me:  So this GRE vocab is ridiculous
no one is ever going to encounter most of these words in their life EXPECT on tests like these
friend:  example?
 me:  assuage
 friend:  i think i know that word
 me:  to ease or lessen; to appease or pacify
 friend:  don’t those come in links and/or patties for breakfast?
 me:  haha
urgent, pressing; requiring immediate action or attention…. pretty sure anyone who ever needed to use this word would just say “urgent”
 friend:  i think you are right
 friend:  i am goign to try and use tha word today
do you have a sentence?
 friend:  i would use “urgent” just to asuage you
 me:  have you been sitting there thinking about how to use that word for the past 10 minutes?
 friend:  uh…um…no….um….because i didn’t think it was exigent.
or an exigent matter….
 me:  hahahaha
 friend:  challenge accepted and completed.
 me:  Now you’re just trying to equivocate so that you sound erudite.
 friend:  duh
 me:  Equivocate.  Erudite.
I will obviate you.
I’m a nerd.  I need to stop.
 friend:  that would be mean to obviate me
 me:  You’re right.  It would be ingenuous of me to extemporaneously fulminate or obviate you.
 friend:  oh lord
ill pull google fro that one
 me:  fulminate?
to attack loudly or denounce
 friend:  ye
friend:  now you are just being grandiloquent
me:  Possibly.  However, I laud you for being so magnanimous and not being irascible.  If it would not be too onerous, I would compose a lucid paean for you.  But you would probably consider it a parody.
 friend:  Sesquipedalian even
 me:  you’re cheating.
 friend: have GRE words in front of you!
you have GRE words in front of you!
 me:  hahaha
 me:  you’re very perspicacious
while I continue to prattle
 friend:  dang…that is the word i was trying to think of!!!
it slipped my mind.
 me:  you were trying to think of it because I make you think of perspicacity, don’t I?
 friend:  yes….of course….your wits can’t be matched
you pull it off..while i come across as pedantic
 me:  I just stupefy everyone.
 friend:  in numerous ways
 me:  Your solicitous and sporadic neologism is perfunctory.  I have qualms about your aberrant alacrity and reticent perfidy.
 friend:  whoa…i don’t know where to start on that
 me:  Okay, that one may not actually make sense beyond that fact that the parts of speech agree
solicitous – concerned and attentive; eager
sporadic – occurring only occasionally or in scattered instances
neologism – a new word, expression or useage
 friend:  oh you think i am perfidy
 me:  perfunctory – cursory
perfidy is a noun.  so, no, I don’t think you’re perfidy; however, I was falsely accusing you of committing perfidy
 friend:  when do people talk like this
 me:  btw, aberrant, I think you know.
alacrity – eager and enthusiastic willingness
reticent – quiet; reserved
perfidy – intentional breach of faith; treachery
 friend:  i have no doubt i could send my dad these sentences and he would reply in kind
but….not normal people
reminds me of what i might see in a victorian era movie
 me:  He would reply that I’m employing effrontery and then he would censure me for using these words so incorrectly.
 friend:  for certain
 me:  I hope some big brother at Google is reading this conversation
 friend:  haha…you will start getting weird ads on your pages
in gmail etc
 me:  yeah, for mental institutions

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  1. Nice blog! I like your writing way. I'm doing practice GRE here: . I hope it's useful for GRE test takers.

  2. My mental capacities have been expanded ever-so-slightly. Thank you :)The Fast Track program at UTA directly admits students with the met requirements into graduate school without the need to take the GRE, though, luckily for me should I want to get a master's in INSY.


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