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Welcome to HappyHealthyHen!  I relocated here from my old Bite Full of Life blog and am very excited about the new location, name and theme.  I’m glad you’re here at HHH and hope you’ll visit often.

I can’t remember which came first, the bowls or the sign, but I know that “Happy Healthy Hen” has been a phrase that has playfully danced around in my head since I was.  During high school, my dad frequently travelled for wok and my brother was away at college, so it was often just me and mom.  While she made wonderful home cooked meals when my brother and I were younger and the whole family sat around the dinner table every night, we kept things a bit more simple when it was just the two of us.  We were both pretty health conscious and would often eat big salads for dinner.

Anyone who frequently eats meal-sized salads full of all kinds of veggie, fruit and nut goodies can tell you that eating them from dinner plates doesn’t work.  You just can’t fit enough on a plate, can’t get it mixed up well, and end up knocking precious toppings over the edge onto the table.  You look like a slob and end up losing the best parts of your meal!  Big bowls are a necessity for frequent meal-salad eaters, and my mom and I found perfect ones.  White, with a thick navy stripe around the rim and the navy silhouette of a rooster inside them, they were surely meant to be pasta bowls or serving bowls, but we called them our Happy Healthy Hen bowls and used them only for salads.

Around the same time that we got these bowls, my family took a trip to England.  My mom and I took a day trip to Notting Hill and perused the Notting Hill Market (it’s the street market you see in the Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant movie.  Which is why we made the day trip there.  Obviously.).  In one shop, we saw a big, old rusty metal sign that said “Happy Healthy Hens,” and mom and I exclaimed, in unison and probably with a great deal of volume, “HAPPY HEALTHY HENS!”

Here’s the thing:  I can’t remember which came first, the bowls or the sign.  If it was the bowls, I have no idea why we decided to call them our Happy Healthy Hen bowls, especially considering that the picture on the bowls was clearly of a rooster.  Because nobody buys hen décor for their kitchen.  And if it was the sign, I have no idea why we were both so drawn to it and remembered the phrase well enough to be urged to purchase the bowls with roosters on them just so we could eat salads out of Happy Healthy Hen bowls.

Whichever one came first, the phrase has stuck with me.  It makes me grin and feel warm and cozy inside because it feels like me.  Now I’m the hen of my own nest, striving to create a happy and healthy life for myself and my family.  Welcome to my nest on the web.  I’m glad you’re here, chickadee!


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  1. You are so cute!! :)


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