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Turning 25 and 1 With Joy and Thankfulness

This month, I turned 25.  Hubby and I also turned 1 this month.  I’m full of joy and thankfulness as I reflect on August.  Some highlights:

  • Hubby surprising me with beautiful flowers delivered to my office.

Beautiful Birthday Orchids Delivered to Work

  •  Birthday dinner out with friends full of lively conversation, lots of laughter, great food and plenty of wine.
  • Surprised by a sweet pitcher from my Etsy favorites list arriving at my home, thanks to a sweet – and sneaky – friend!

Sweet Pitcher off of my Etsy Favorites from a Sweet Friend

  • One of these fun and fabulous necklaces from a pretty amazing lady.
  • Enjoying the yummy – and surprisingly not freezer burned – Anniversary Tier of our wedding cake (with a gorgeous mini rose plant from a very thoughtful friend – another birthday surprise!)

The Anniversary Tier of our Wedding Cake and Pretty Birthday Flowers from a Pretty Friend


Overall this month, I’ve felt so blessed and thankful.  Without any specific effort on my part, it’s been a very reflective month, full of emotions felt deeply, making me feel overwhelmed with gratefulness to the core.  I’ve been thinking a great deal about the blessings of family and friends, catching up and re-getting to know friends from middle school, high school and college.  I’ve known some amazing people over the past 25 years – some great, loyal friends.  But focusing on my own plans and goals, I let so many of them just slip away over the years.  It’s been truly humbling and joyous to re-kindle connections with people who, maybe 12 years ago I had a lot in common with but as we got older, we each went through our own trials, awkward phases, and hills and valleys of growing up, drifting part as the interests we had in common evolved into new and different interests, but in whom, now that we meet again, I find friendships of strength and solace.

Those friendships feel so rich, so real now.  Those girls are now ladies that I feel so lucky and blessed to know, women whose advice I cherish, whose joyful experiences I want to rejoice in, whose tough situations I want to be a strong yet gentle shoulder through, and whose lives I’m thrilled to be a part of again.  In my friends, new and old, constant and re-kindled, I’ve seen beauty in hard times.  I’ve seen strength unimaginable in sad and difficult times.  I’ve seen glorious joy as life’s milestones are met.  I’ve seen true and gracious love in compromises and second chances.  I’ve seen open arms rebuilding broken bridges.  I’ve seen selflessness in the celebration and support of loved ones.  I’ve seen grace under pressure and humble dignity through unplanned twists of life.

And I’m so thankful that I get to be a part of it all.



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