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I recently found the wonderful Tiny Twig blog and have been thoroughly enjoying her “31 Days to a No Brainer Wardrobe” series.  I feel snobby even thinking this, but I’ve been most impressed by the fact that many of the wardrobe pieces she’s featured have been from Old Navy.  And they are ADORABLE!  I’m a quality over quantity girl, I wear business attire to work, and I own a lot of dress up-dress down pieces that can go from the office to the night out.  I don’t think I’ve even considered stepping foot into an Old Navy in close to 10 years.  But Tiny Twig got my curiosity running and I made a lunch-time stop at Old Navy on Friday.  Less than $200 later, I’m giddy with excitement over my fabulous finds that are perfect fall/Texas winter/spring weekend outfits.

Before I share some pics, let me make some disclaimers:

– I don’t own a full-length mirror.  So, yes, I am standing on the toilet and taking these pictures in a wall-hanging mirror.
– I tried to crop the toilet paper holder out of all the pics.  My apologies if I missed any.
– Yes, that’s Morocconoil shampoo in my shower.  It’s amazing.  You should all try it.
– Yeah, that’ s a litter box in the background.  Couldn’t really crop it out without some major photoshopping.  And if I took the time to do that, I’d never post anything on this blog.  This is real life, people.  Cat crap happens.
– There are repeats of clothing pieces in these pics.  The point was to see how many combinations I could come up with.

First, the jeans.  I got these on sale for $9.97 and, after wearing them several days in a row, they have held their shape remarkably well!

The Jeans.

Second, the casual khakis.  I love the cut of these.  They tapered in slightly and look great with ballet flats or boots, but they aren’t “skinny.”

Casual Khakis

Casual Khakis

Third, the red and brown ballet flats.  Super cute and comfy.

Red and Brown Ballet Flats

Next, the outfits.  I bought two shirts: a striped 3/4 sleeve tee with subtle sequins on the shoulders and a silky, printed, flowly halter with feminine details.  I bought one shirt-sweater.  And I got three layering sweaters.  Obviously there are more possible combinations than what I show here, and the options expand greatly when I combine these pieces with some of the others already in my wardrobe.  But this is what I came up with just by putting together pieces from Friday’s loot.

The Striped Shirt with the Jeans.

The Silky Top with the Jeans. I wore this Friday night because - let's face it - it's not sweater weather yet in Texas!

Striped Shirt with Long Brown Sweater, paired with Jeans.

Silky Top with Short Sleeve Cream Sweater, paired with Casual Khakis.

Long Brown Sweater over Silky Top, paired with Jeans.

Cozy Cream Sweater, paired with Jeans.

Asymmetrical Green Sweater, layered over the Striped Shirt and paired with Jeans.

Short Sleeve Sweater, over the Striped Shirt and paired with Jeans.

Some of these outfits didn’t look their best with the red shoes, so I paired them with these neutral ballet flats (not Old Navy) that I already had.  I think neutral ballet flats are definitely a wardrobe essential!

Neutal Ballet Flats

Now, if only the weather will cool down enough for me to start wearing all my new weekend outfits!


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  1. Yay, shopping! Those are some amazing finds for just $200! I especially love the silky top with the cream sweater…too cute!

    Oh, no…I think I feel the bug coming on for me, now. Must get some retail therapy!


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