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Our Tree

Our Tree


We always put up our tree on the weekend following Thanksgiving.  It’s a big to-do shifting boxes in our basement storage closet and carting our Christmas boxes up to our home.  We turn on old black and white Christmas movies, drink egg nog/hot chocolate/red wine, pick up dinner from Eatzi’s, and decorate the tree.

We use colorful lights and assorted, non-matchy ornament.  I used to be a fan of white lights and simple, gold ornaments.  I let hubs bask in his colored lights and collection of whimsical, eclectic ornaments for the first couple of years we were together thinking that one day we could have two trees (in two different rooms, of course): a formal, simple tree of my liking and a colorful, variety-filled tree to please him.

Now?  I love our colorful tree.  It’s full of treasures and fond memories.  The ornaments in our collection now include a first Christmas ornament from my father in law, ornaments we picked out on our honeymoon, ornaments we’ve bought for each other that reflect things we’ve loved together throughout the year, ornaments from places that are special to us (the historic cemetery across the stress from our building, Santa Fe, Washington state), and ornaments that just make us laugh.

Our tree used to be his tree, full of ornaments from his childhood.  Now, our tree is ours.  It’s colorful and fun and full of memories.  I hate that hubs leaves the tree lights on all night, but I love walking groggily into the dark, quiet living room every morning seeing the lights dancing on the wall.

Life has been so busy and crazy and blurry lately.  My hope for this Christmas is that the little moments with my family – and the traditions that stick and become like family themselves – will linger.  I hope that they warm all of our hearts and remind us to stop and be thankful for the love and light in our lives.